My career was cut short for posting articles about doping in cycling.  That said, everything I said came true.  Also, notably I have offered to assist Lance Armstrong in his defense.  You might wonder why I am doing this?  It is because he is simply a pawn in the big game.  There is information which I have become privileged to know regarding the actions of those who made it possible for Lance to dope.  The reason I am supporting him is only to help reshape the anti-doping systems in the United States.  I firmly believe it is the sole responsibility of Lance Armstrong to give back to cycling, everything that he has corrupted.

I believe the class action lawsuit filed by Floyd Landis and mis-directed attacks on Lance Armstrong by other anti-doping activists are wrong.  They are attacking the wrong entity.

I am not sure if Lance is going to work with me, or has the desire like I do to reform the anti-doping systems?  This is my final effort in my career to try to make the changes I believe are needed.  This will be the last attempt.

The Facts According to a meeting with Dr. Wad Exum:

-USA Cycling and the USOC allowed Lance Armstrong and other racers to use performance-enhancing drugs.

-Dr. Wade Exum exposed these facts to Sports Illustrated leaving out many of the athlete's names because he firmly believed it was not their fault and they were not the enemy.  But the corrupt sports system in the United States of America are to blame.

-Travis Tygart and Terry Madden worked for the lawfirm in defense of the USOC vs. Dr. Wade Exum

-The lawfirm that represented the USOC started USADA directly after Exum exposed their corruption.

-USADA oversees all professional and collegiate sports.

-No athlete has ever won a trial versus USADA.

-Lawyers run the anti-doping system not doctors who have the capability of helping athletes rebuild their lives.

-The court where athletes go to trial versus USADA is not a ligit US Court.  Many athletes can attest to this fact such as Floyd Landis, Lance Armstrong, and Marion Jones.  A simple google search will bring up many articles.

-The anti-doping systems in the United States have played favorites.

Now I ask the citizens of the United States and athletes?:

-Is Lance Armstrong responsible for the blood doping 1984 Olympic Cycling Team where his coaches learned the practices of blood doping?  

-Is it Lance Armstrong's fault that USA Cycling approved of the unethical blood doping?

-Is it Lance Armstrong's fault that his USA Cycling coaches pushed drugs on him and abused him at an early age?

-Is Lance Armstrong responsible for riders such as Tammy Thomas who were allowed to compete by USA Cycling and the USOC after numerous failed tests for steroids cheating anti-doping athletes out of spots in numerous races representing the USA?

-Is Lance Armstrong responsible for surviving in the system that has played favorites?

-Is Lance Armstrong responsible for the kangaroo court system run by USADA?

More proof of a system that plays favorites:

Kayle Leogrande was sanctioned for using EPO when he only failed one B sample for EPO, and had one eye witness testimony.  Lance Armstrong had 5 or 6 failed B samples that were frozen and retested, and 2 eye witnesses to testify receiving no sanction.  Jeffery Novizky lead investigator in BALCO dropped his investigation into Lance Armstrong.  Why?  Athletes who come clean without ever testing positive can receive a 2 year sanction when their intentions are to help clean up the sport?  Why?  Why are athletes who admit to doping who assist USADA able to cut deals for 6 month suspensions when others who also assist are given 2 year sanctions?

Travis Tygart claims Kayle Leogrande was key in the downfall of Lance Armstrong, while he was on the legal team against Dr. Wade Exum with access to documents proving a USA Cycling and USOC cover-up.

Doping in sports will never go away, however what we need to do is to ensure fair trials, and that the system will not be allowed to play favorites again.  Our anti-doping systems are still linked to the USOC, regardless of what they claim.  As of today we could head for a repeat of the Lance Armstrong era, and cyclists feeling that they have but no choice to dope.

If you look at Lance Armstrong's generation nearly all members of his USA Cycling Team used performance-enhancing drugs, also found guilty of doping corruption was former USA Cycling Coach Rene Wenzel in the doping of Erik Kaiter and Greg Strock.  The next generation which was mine also saw many of the USA Cycling Team members eventually using performance-enhancing drugs.  This led to many significant problems later in life such as recreational drug abuse, suicidal tendencies, and problems with the law partially due to the disillusionment of Olympic sports and the Olympic Dream.

I firmly believe that Lance Armstrong (should he assist in the rebuilding and restructuring of USADA) be able to drop many of the charges filed against him, and the UCI should also consider allowing Lance Armstrong to reclaim his Tour de France titles based on the fact that his competition has been proven to have been doping.

Do not focus on the athletes who dope.  Focus on the system that has played favorites and basically brainwashed athletes into doping by allowing them to dope.  For it is my belief that, "How can you say an athlete is wrong to dope, when the governing bodies who now hold him accountable said it was ok?"  How is the athlete supposed to make the right choices when the people he works for are corrupt?  Please do not let my efforts and sacrifices such as losing my pro career go in vain.  Let's support reform.

Finally, I ask you to forgive every cyclist who has doped in the sport.  We need to unite and we all need to forgive each other and move forwards to fix our sport.  We are entering a time of peace and forgiveness.  It is necessary in order to make the changes in the sport.  We have to stop fighting and learn to view this with a clear mind.  -Matt DeCanio Anti-Doping Activist aka Dead Racer



We will leave you with a trivia question in the meantime.

Who ran medical control for the United States Olympic Committee and USA Cycling before USADA was started?


Guess who?
 Travis Tygart
 Terry Madden
 Wade Exum
 Thomas Weisel
 Chris Carmichael
 Richard Young
 Dick Pound