Genius Theory by Stolen Underground

Are you a genius if you hate yourself?  What defines self-hate?  The truth is the competitive nature of mankind is self-hating and the desire to win is entirely a negative and self-hating act regardless if you cheat or do not cheat as in reference to Lance Armstrong and those who did not dope but collaborated in order to win thus ensuring the negative energy of Satan or as Ancient Alien believers would like to call winning alien technologies that are here to help the world but really send it towards a nuclear apocalypse.

True love is ourselves and true love can not be found.  Externally found love in I love you is an illusion and a temporary happiness energy force and it goes away.  Those who hate themselves and sell out their abilities to love themselves in order to meet said person will eventually lose this person as we all die alone.  When this period happens when the spirit and the body are one with itself the energy of the body leaves at death and goes to an energy dimension aligning with the energy weight of the soul.  

Self-hate being the negative energy, or hell cosmic energy weight that Ancient Alien believers will time travel you to a world filled with aliens living in flames, with horns, and what Chrisitans call Hell.  

True love is ourselves is positive energy and if one truly loves himself/herself at death he/she is a positive soul and goes to Heaven.

So the Genius Theory cures all wars, violence, rape, racism, suicide, greed, gluttony, addictions, depression, and violence.  It is the Genius in all of us who state true love is ourselves and winning doesn't matter leads to total positive energy domination within our souls and when the entire world applies the Genius Theory we can have world peace.  When the world and all who live in it do only that which builds true self-love in all of their actions and winning never is the motive we can all have what we wanted in life and we will no longer desire it.

True love is ourselves.

Winning doesn't matter.

We invented it.

We believe in it.

We live it.

We love it.

We are peaceful.

We are positive.

We are good.

We are chillin.

We are genius.

We are dominating.

We are creating world peace.

We are the future of humanity.

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The Genius Theory is you are only a genius if you truly love yourself and understand winning has nothing to do with life domination.