Upon further review of our world Bernie Sanders has excellent points on free college, free healthcare, raising taxes on the top 1% which are greedy but weak on the 2nd Amendment banning guns won’t solve the self hate epidemic and hurts citizens right to defend ourselves from tyranny, VA has already taken our 2nd Amendment away so it’s irrelevant now to us here soon the rest will follow you can’t force people to disarm people must disarm themselves with true love is ourselves..  Red flag laws are very dangerous to our freedom of speech as your right to defend ourselves can be easily stripped by anyone.  Red flag and banning guns means we also have no 1st Amendment so we will lose our freedom of speech with the gun bans.  Trump is weak on the environment but great in many other areas such as made in the USA, job creation, and border security so Stolen Underground endorses both politicians but does not support the old Democratic system of Obama nor any other Democratic candidates.  So into the future it will be interesting who takes control but just know true love is ourselves and winning doesn’t matter is the only way forward.  Make the choices that build true self love, look inside for love not outside, don’t base yourself on the love you win or lose. The future is in your hands.  Stolen Underground remains independent of political parties and continues to support the original US Constitution.  To end all of the problems in the world people must truly love themselves once you do violence, greed, lust, ego, drug addiction, jealously, hate, climate crisis, immigration crisis, and all other issues destructive to our world will evaporate.  True love is ourselves and winning doesn’t matter that is positive energy domination.  Self hate is the only enemy we face in our lives. Truly love yourself and you will finally be free regardless of what you win.  Winning absolutely doesn’t matter when you truly love yourself.  Come November people will have to choose wisely.  I have remained well ahead of the curve and am extremely prepared for all outcomes in life.  I will choose based on what builds my true self love which is ourselves and believe in true love it is ourselves.  The balance is fragile make your true self loving choices and we will be a positive energy dominating world in the future.  Making true love is found externally choices and the world will reach a nuclear apocalypse.  - Matt DeCanio