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Tuesday, September 08 2020

I study WW2 every night, and I constantly try and apply the similar events in history to today and I will tell you a few signs that WW3 is headed our way and who I trust and who I don't, 

Weather - the weather before WW2 became more extreme, in fact the weather surrounding war is always extreme,  The Democrats want to blame Trump or cars but when you look at Dr Wilhelm Reich's research you will see that he could alter weather with Orgone energy or life energy.  His findings were proven true by Einstein and he could shrink cancer, his work was destroyed by the hospital conglomerates who burned his research and sent him to jail where he "died".  How interesting that he dies in jail when he could cure cancer and alter the weather.  My point is that killing people or plants alters weather.  So our human actions not related to cars AOC could be heating up the globe.  If you look at WW2 there was an uptick in volcanic activity, storms, earthquakes, freezing temps etc.  So the bad weather is a very good sign war is coming.

Covid-19 - The Spanish Flu really kicked into gear during around WW1, and just like today after year 2 was when it mutated it could kill you in 12 hours.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Covid-19 mutate this winter and to become super deadly.

Homosexuality and Sex - Before WW2 the amount of crazy sex stuff was off the charts,  True I love gang bangs, watching my wife do blow bangs, and eating pussy but all of this extreme sex spells a looming war.  In fact Nazi Germany pre-war was the place to be to have sex.  Crazy sex behavior equals a looming war.

The rise of winning matters - Winning and negative energy go hand and hand.   The rise of self hate means the rise of winning matters more.  Leading up to war people become more competitive, then after millions die people are less competitive and more true self loving.  However, in WW3 so many people will die it's important that the future understands the relationship between self hate and winning matters and how it creates war.  This proves how ass backwards the elite Democrats and Republicans are when they both hate themselves and think winning is all that matters.  I support the Republican Party because they are more true self loving in policy.  The Democrats are more my true love is found externally in policy which creates wars and kills the Environment.  War really destroys the globe and nature and the Democrats policies obviously want a better world but they are adding fuel to the fire because they are lost.

The rise of negative countries- Pre WW2 and today ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.  Japan had a supreme leader the same as Kim Jong Un, China is exactly the same as Nazi Germany even complete with concentration camps filled with Muslims.  Of course the Nazi camps were also non killing camps pre-war and post-war they really kicked in to become death camps.  Russia is obviously evil supporting the radical Muslims who want to kill people based on Religion which really is bullshit because their allies are Christians in Russia.  So their whole fight is really just trying to win and they manipulate their people with religion.  All of the Armies are taking sides now.  WW3 will be self hate vs self love.  And the allies are scared just like pre-WW2 and the Democratic Party is just like Chamberlain touting his peace deals that were never respected by Hitler.  The Democrats are so fearful of war they will set the USA up for slaughter but thankfully we have 150,000,000 citizen soldiers who will refuse their anti-American pro-communist self hating pussy policies which are negative and destroy the world's peace.

The rise of an arms race- Countries are all building massive armies and just like the Nazis they will soon test them in proxy wars like Syria.

The land grabs- Covid-19 is being used by communists to take land from India.  This is the same as the Nazis did in pre-WW2.  They kept taking land through bullying.  The Soviets have also moved into the arctic.  It's only a matter of time before the Allies draw the line and declare war.

The rise of self hate- the world is suicidal and self hating.  With the rise of self hate comes the rise of 666 which is at an all time high in popularity in America thanks to the anti-God Democrats and Hollywood.   The destruction of God is the destruction of true love is ourselves and winning doesn't matter.  Just like in WW2 the Nazis destroyed peaceful religions.  The Japanese did the same in attacking churches.   Your God today is the self hating winning idol.  People have lost all self love and when the scales tip in energy war will break out it's only a matter of time.  Take a look at the self hating winning actions of people around the world for clues. Mass shootings, rise of suicides, rise of drug overdoses, riots, BLM movement, ANTIFA movement, the rise of self hating movements.  Gay Pride movements are self hating as your DNA ends, it's just all perfectly set up.

The rise of one sided mass media- censorship of freedoms of speech are on the rise everywhere to protect the communist side and the Democrats are allowing this to happen to the positive leaders in America touting only the self haters to follow who support self hating satanic policies.

Get ready for WW3.  I have been ready for a few years now.  You should spend around $10,000 on your preps to include weapons, NBC suits, nuke straws, food, think nuclear holocaust.  Think trying to survive invading armies.  You will need to make it long enough to survive the initial assaults.  You should buy everything with WW3 in mind.  How will this serve you in WW3, what is the value?  Buy bigger, better, stronger.  Use true love is ourselves and winning doesn't matter positive energy domination to survive WW3.  The self haters won't survive.  Vote for Trump in 2020 to protect the 2nd, you will need it for those who refuse to buy weapons until the last minute.  

Do NOT trust anyone who hates themselves.  Ask them who their true love is if they don't say ourselves don't trust them,  If they say myself ask, "Does winning matter?"  If they say yes don't trust them.  They can't think winning matters and they must truly love themselves in order to be positive energy dominators.  Get ready war is coming and a bong, anal lube, strap on dildos, and iPhones filled with rap music wont do shit to help protect you in WW3.  Don't forget your dog food and bones!!!

That is all.

Signing Off.

-The Commander




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