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Monday, September 07 2020

I took a trip today to Charlottesville, Virginia and I am not sure I ever want to return again to the place I was born.  Why?  Because the Democrats there make life so negative and unbearable.  First of all the entire town thinks their shit doesn't stink, they have an ego.  We already know it stems from self hate, then what is worse?  This whole BLM thing they created by fighting against a cement statue killing their citizens for no reason,  I saw the news before that rally and I knew a true self lover wouldn't be anywhere near it.  What does the Democratic leadership tell the students and people?  "To go out and win against white power self haters."  What happened?  People died, and they killed them to win some battle against the wrong enemy.

The reason people are racist is because they hate themselves and they want to win, but if you hate yourself and you think winning matters both BLM and the White Supremacist side ARE EQUAL.  They are the same.  

The whole thing just goes to show you how bad people have gotten and how negative people have gotten.  They want to start fights out of self hate to stop self hating things.  And their ego clouds their abilities to accept any information they don't get on mass media or from their school teachers.  I'm starting to wonder if UVA has anyone with a brain?  Sure you got a business degree, or a law degree, or you became a molecular biologist but you don't know shit about life.

When people are lumped into a category and they are called what they aren't that's actually what the Nazis did.  And I will be damned if everyone in that town thinks I'm an idiot or a racist for sticking by Trump.  Bad days are coming in this country for those who believe this hype and keep those BLM signs in the yard.

So BLM Charlottesville?  Is that why you keep your kids out of the black schools and in private schools?  I thought black lives matter?  So what your kids are too good to go to school with poor black kids who live right there where you told them to protest?  And now you are jacking the rent up kicking them out?  What a fucking joke.  All those Democrats with their BLM signs don't give a shit about BLM, they have white shame for a fucked up gluttonous satanic life of feeling sorry for someone out of pitty they can't win the same.  But winning doesn't matter and all that is happening is black people are just getting fucked in the ass more and more misled. 

The Democratic liberals are all BLM but don't actually have lower class black friends.  They will hang with the upper class black friends but they don't know shit about what black people need.  They need jobs, housing, and true self love taught to them.  Things the Democrats will never get them, and they will tell them to make a big protest and die to be on CNN to make Trump look bad.  That is Nazi shit.  And they just say the word racist and use it to change everything.  Rip down a statue of Lee nobody gave a shit about for my entire life and now that they lost the White House it's a political tool to win suppport that Trump's a racist?  FUCK YOU.  The Democratic agenda is so fucking wack.  Rip down the entire school, because it was designed by someone who had slaves, burn the entire USA down and replace it because you hate yourself.

So Charlottesville Democrats let me get this right?  If I'm white and cut my hair short I'm a racist skin head but if I'm black it's the best haircut you have ever seen?  Sound about right?  The Apocalypse has to be near with stupidity this fucking enormous in the world today,  If Trump wins again the Democrats are going to burn every city down in self hate, chop their balls off and become a women, and stomp on the balls of the remaining male bitch Democrats like Fem Doms pissed off their self hate actually made them ugly physically.  Shave your arm pits self hater.

See if I give a shit?  Burn your fucking city down so you have no Starbucks, and die in a protest you fucking deserve it for being a fucking idiot.  Let a bunch of illegals in and drive you out of California.  Blame everything on everyone but yourself.  Hate God and hate yourself.  You people are so lost.

Trump isn't a racist and the world's climate would be the same even if Hillary had won.  One climate deal isn't going to change it.  Don't try and bring down my self love or get me to be some gender confused fem dom who stomps on men's balls because she hates herself the same as racists,

I'm moving to the deep country and I'm becoming more Republican by the second.  In my opinion the people in life who have passed the heroic journey in life will come to the same conclusion as I have.  True love is ourselves and winning doesn't matter and God is real.  Fake heroes and false idols have you lost and you will never find your way out of the fog and I don't give a shit about you.  I honestly could give a fuck about you, I only care about those who truly love themselves.  Obviously not all Democrats are going to hell but damn I won't be surprised if 90% of them don't make the cut.

There is a dark energy growing in the world but I'm not going to let the dark and negative try and convince me I'm negative.  Look in the mirror you fucking cunt!

The Democrats will send all your jobs away to a slave laborer, they always have and always will.  But the elite Democrats in Charlottesville, in mass media, in Hollywood, at UVA, oh they won't lose their job because that's what they deserve for being so superior than us including BLM as they post that fucking God damn sign in the yard taking a shit on the American Republican who freed the slaves.

There is nothing worse than elite self haters who destroy the working man who does all the work and gets shit on, on a daily basis.  Sucks for you Democrats true love is ourselves and winning doesn't matter it's just a shame you are so depressed and orgastically impotent chopping off your dick, and ending your DNA lesbian 666 fem dom.  Even if Trump loses, you end the USA and destroy the 2nd, YOU WILL NEVER DOMINATE ME SUBORDINATES!  Winning is all that matters right Spike Lee?  You win Spike!  You win!  But you cannot dominate.  It's hard to see that road where those people got run over because of that piss ass self hating winning is all that matters leadership in BLM Charlottesville.  And all those UVA idiots can do is scribble chaulk on the walls with the latest mass media propaganda which killed them all in the first place.

You blind, blind, blind sheeple.  The wolf is going to eat you for dinner.  BLM Cville should have let them have that statue.  Who gives a shit slavery is over and you are free.  Who gives a flying fuck about a fucking Rebel flag you fucking fags.

That is all.

Signing Off.

-The Commander



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